Helheim RPG is COMING LATE 2017!

Welcome to Helheim RPG, a roleplaying game set in the years after the Ragnarok, in a Norse (Viking) setting.

What sets us apart from other roleplaying games?

  • You lead a force of characters, not just one character.  These include your most powerful character: a champion; and several companions.  As a player this also lets you be in multiple locations at the same time.
  • Player characters don't track health or hitpoints.  Instead they can suffer numerous injuries (which can erode your attributes), suffer maiming wounds, or even lose limbs and eyes!
  • Non-player characters have health, but the Gamemaster can use player character rules for tougher fights.
  • Consolidated dice rolls.  A single attack roll tells how well you succeeded (or failed), the severity of the wound, and where the wound is taken.  Likewise, rolls to test to see how well you track, heal, or climb (to name a few), tell you how well you succeed or fail.  Sufficiently skilled (or fatalistic) characters can bypass dice rolling for these other activities.
  • A critical success or failure doesn't mean you succeed or fail.  Instead they improve or worsen the die roll.
  • Multiple types of attacks.  Fire ranged weapons from ambush, shoot a single arrow, or team up and fire a volley of arrows.  Melee attacks follow the same approach: attacks from ambush, regular attacks, attacks against multiple enemies, or teaming up against a single enemy.
  • Classless and customizable.  Freely pick how your character will develop and customize them with a classless system.  Pick the attributes, knowledge, and traits you want.  Be a stealthy rogue who fights with a two handed axe, or a front line fighter who uses daggers.  Armor and Weapons, particularly of higher quality, are customizable the way you want it.
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